Tim Norwood Theatre


Tim Norwood is an emerging theatre-maker from Sheffield. He's queer, disabled, and happily mining them both for material. He shares untold and misunderstood stories with audiences to inspire compassion for people that society doesn't really GET, like living on Death Row, or with depression or PTSD. He’s been supported and mentored by Theatre Delicatessen Sheffield, Third Angel, and Forced Entertainment, as well as supported by Sheffield Theatres.

Latest work

As part of the University of Sheffield's Festival of the Mind, Tim wrote and performed It's OK to be Naked, a show about nudity, body image, and eating disorders. Check out the show below. There's also a Q&A at the end with Tim and Dr Nicola Buckland, a researcher who helped Tim in making the show.
Please be warned: the show addresses difficult topics and contains nudity.